The Advice

Duane King

Today we sat down with Duane King who is an Interactive Creative Director and Designer in Portland. Duane's one of the most knowledgeable and resourceful designers i've met. Today we sit down to talk about the longevity and sustainability of design, starting two businesses and working for companies like Nike and Herman Miller.

Duane has a crazy amazing resume. He designed the logo for Quake 3, he worked with some of the biggest names in luxury branding and he designed one of my favorite websites of all time (for Nike).

But as a person, Duane is even better than his work. He was open enough to share with us some of the hardship that led to his move to Portland and how his choice to chase passion over money led to his success.

Duane has taught me more than any conference, book or talk ever has. We talk about the difference between design now and design in the past. He tells us some amazing stories about his first jobs and how designers used to choose a job based on the library the company had. Obviously, lots has changed since then, and so we talk about how the internet has changed how accessible knowledge is, and how design has changed because of that.

History is important, and we talk about needing to know the past in order to create something with more potential, longevity and meaning. Duane shares his passion for changing the lack of longevity and sustainability in design now.

Duane also has a cat that goes on walks and plays fetch!