The Comedian

Pavan Trikutam

Today we sat down with Pavan, founder and full-time software consultant at GrayBike, in San Francisco. We talk about what that title means, the switch from corporate to solo and the importance of curiosity.

Pavan is a great guy to talk to! He's had a bunch of experience in the tech industry - from working for massive companies to starting his own. He explains the difference and the pros and cons of each.

So what exactly does it mean to be a Software Consultant? A lot of things! Pavan explains the title, his day to day and how he uses technology - a mix of design and code - to solve other people’s business problems.

Since Pavan made the transition to starting GrayBike later in life, we talk about the importance of curiosity and coaches, and the role they play in driving yourself forward. Pavan inspires us to continue developing our skills (regardless of your age), and we talk about Ira Glass' The Gap theory. We came away from this talk with a desire to keep making, keep creating and keep improving.

Pavan also shows us his amazing photography, and shares what his rapper name would be.