The Curve

Drew Wilson

As a kid, Drew helped his dad run the first ever mail-order comics catalogue by packaging up goods to be shipped, sometimes to the actors of Starwars and other movie stars (yes, Nicholas Cage). While Drew always had an interest in art, his first glimpse at digital design occurred when his father purchased Photoshop 2 for the catalogue business.

Drew works for himself building products and things he wants to exist, purely through personal motivation. With periods of uncertainty, Drew continues building and finds success in areas he intends, and other areas he didn’t. His life as an independent designer/developer means he has the power to build what he wants. Luckily for him, its led to great products, and even credits in a surf documentary.

A devoted father, husband, surfer and generally a cool guy, Drew is the real deal and his episode will prove it. Sit back and enjoy one of our favorite interviews to date. Spoiler alert: Drew spits truth in his start-up rant toward the end of the episode.