The Letter

Claudina Sarahe

On a very philosophical level, this episode explores a lot of interesting facts about life when you listen “between the lines.”

To start, a loving mother with a strong background in education raised Claudina. So when she decided to leave college after her freshman year, it was no surprise there was some concern for her wellbeing when she moved to Portland.

But after a job or two in Portland and New York her mother, like most, realized she’d do well on her own being that she prepared Claudina for moments just like these.

Claudina’s experiences vary from a French translator/design, to start-up founder, to her current role as a Front-End Architect with OddBird. And in each experience she’s managed to find an adventure and a new reason for curiosity.

If we had to sum up Claudina’s life into one word, it’d easily be “bold”.