The Mentor

Andrew Norcross

This is by far one of our favorite episodes. I’ve known Andrew for a while and he’s definitely the developer I hope I become one day. His determination, his patience, his bad ass tattoos all make up the man that Andrew Norcross is.

But lets make one thing clear - it wasn’t the easiest road to get to where he is now. Andrew once worked in Finance, leading some really big portfolios for some really important clients and decided to leave that life and start a new one in development. During that time Norcross became a new dad and learned to code clocking in 12-16 hours a day.

If you learn one thing from this episode it’s that hard-work trumps all. There is no fast lane, there is no over-night success, its a long-game that we must commit to. And while I said you’ll learn one thing, I was lying. You’ll also learn how to cut the perfect sleeveless shirt.