The Queen of Jersey City

Jenn Schiffer

On this week’s episode we sit down with Jenn Schiffer to talk about her journey into the tech industry and its future.

Our interview was a perfect mix between serious and hilarious — sort of what Jenn’s all about. On paper, she’s an open web engineer, but online she’s so much more. Jenn can find humor in almost every situation, and she talks to us about how she uses her humor to deal with the shitty internet. You can read her Twitter or any of her satirical writing on Medium to get a sense of what I mean.

Jenn was super open about the hardships she faced growing up, and some of the harassment she continues to face on a regular basis for being a woman online.

We talk about how online harassment stems from a lack of empathy, and how people love to yell at each other instead of creating discourse. This obviously has had a negative impact on the future of the tech industry, and we banter about what we think that will look like.

Outside of online-life, Jenn has two cats and prefers New Jersey to NYC. She’s a huge advocate for real-life hangs, and started Jersey Script at Barcade Jersey City.