The Risk

Keenan Cummings

In this episode we chat with Keenan Cummings about risks. Those we take on purpose and those that just happen. In Keenan’s case, those risks defined his career as a designer.

When asked what Keenan wanted to do as a teenager he responded very simple, “study design.” Too bad he didn’t know what design was. Luckily for Keenan he did know one thing - he was drawn toward strong branding and visual identities from his punk/skater lifestyle growing up.

After graduated Keenan took a big risk. He left a job some would kill for at VSA Partners, where he helped redesign the Chicago Cubs logo, and started out on his own. It was so quick he totally overlooked his lack of computer when taking on his first client.

His career is defined by moments like these. Everything from taking a few more freelance gigs, starting his own company with his first product Wander, to selling Days to Yahoo. Keenan is a guy (and designer) who makes moves with his heart and gut, only taking the work and opportunities his excited by and slightly scared of.