The Snowglobe

Loren Baxter

Loren’s life can be summed up with two words: life experiences. He’s built his own products, worked for a successful start up and currently works as a freelancer and mentor for the designer fund.

Loren Baxter’s first website was “Loren’s Paintball Shack”. He made it in high school with Dreamweaver and Paint shop Pro. As a kid, his interests spanned from architecture to neuroscience, and psychology. In college Loren dipped his toe in the field of Cognitive Science where he eventually found his home.

Loren cut his teeth at a security technologies company designing and building prototypes to better convey his ideas with the development team. Throughout his life, Loren realized moments when he needed to shake up his own snow globe and change life up a bit - he even moved to Buenos Aires in the process.