The Split Professional

Karl Stanton

Chatting with Karl proves our lives can take us anywhere, and each destination has a purpose. In Karl’s life he’s worked in two professions, music and development. He’s worked in Australia, Europe and currently resides in New York City.

As a kid he SysOp'd bulletin board systems before the internet was a thing, and years later hung out in IRC chat rooms, like most of us. Instead of chatting about the newest trend he was discussing naming conventions for the MP3 file format. When Karl wasn’t on the computer, he was working an odd job here or there to help pay for his internet connection. His interest as a kid were very clear - music and technology.

Karl’s story solidifies that hard work, passion and always maintaining relationships with friends and colleagues alike can take you far in life. All of these factors helped Karl through 3 continents, a seven year stint as a DJ and now a Director of Engineering at HUGE in Brooklyn.